Schedule of Events

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Noon – Registration
1:00pm – First workshops
6-8:00pm – Dinner Break
8:00pm – Demos of dances being taught Wednesday
Following Demos – Evening Dance in three rooms: Main Ballroom, All Request Room, Beginner Room

9:00am-12:50pm – Workshops
12:50-2:30pm – Lunch
2:30-6:20pm – Workshops
6:20-8:30pm – Dinner
8:30pm – Demos of dances being taught Thursday
Following Demos – Evening Dance

9:00am-12:50pm – Workshops
12:50-2:30pm – Lunch
2:30-6:20pm – Workshops
6:20-8:30pm – Dinner
8:30pm – Theme Night* Performances followed by Evening Dance

THURSDAY – INTERNATIONAL NIGHT: Show your pride for your heritage by dressing in a style typical to the country of your origin or perhaps a country that you are particularly fond of!
FRIDAY – HALLOWEEN BASH: One big costume party! Dress as anyone or anything your imagination can muster up!
SATURDAY – a SPECIAL SHOW, ONE TIME ONLY, at The International Theater at the Westgate – the very same theater Elvis performed consecutive sold out shows from July 1969 through December 1976! More information to come!
SUNDAY  – DRESS WHITE AT NIGHT GALA – An all white attire evening and Farewell Show and Dance! It’s our farewell dance, the close of the event.


“Swing Time” Room: Take Swing, Cha Cha, Waltz, Night Club 2 classes and more … with John Lindo, Dwight and Sandi Nelson, and John and Jo Kinser!
NTA (National Teacher’s Association) Dance Fundamental Classes:
Class taught by Kelly Gellette. The NTA is an International organization that offers personal training and coaching for dancers, incorporating many dance styles. The NTA makes learning to dance easier by knowing the basic dance fundamentals every dancer needs. It is a great starting point for new dancers as well as for those who may have been dancing longer and want to improve their knowledge of dance. Schedule of dances as follows:

Wednesday I Basic moves
Thursday II Triple time moves
Friday III Turns
Saturday IV-A Basic dances

FLASH MOB – We have FILLED the Riviera Hotel lobby and the Westgate lobbies with our flash mobs! We aim to fill the Westgate lobby again! This year’s dances are: Lonely Drum (Improver by Darren Mitchell) and Clap Snap (Intermediate by Philip Sobrielo and Rebecca Lee). We will have workshops scheduled for these dances so you can participate!

Download Schedule PDF